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Local lifter leaves message for youths

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Jonathan Marshall, a local athlete and all natural power lifter has broken plenty of records over his 29 years of competition but this year's N.A.S.A.- USA Nationals are especially important as he and his team Power & inTENsity, made up of 15 natural power lifters, seek to bring back not only the team trophy and national lifting records but also a message to other youth and athletes that performance enhancing drugs are not necessary to succeed.

Marshall, a U of A graduate who majored in physical education with a minor in nutrition and is a certified trainer and manager of Snap Fitness 24/7 has strong opinions about health, especially in youth. "Performance-enhancing drugs, besides being harmful to their organs, including their heart, allows them to lift more than they should be able to, which can promote more injury at any earlier age."

Marshall credits his early successes to his coach, Terry Schmitt. "He taught me that with proper nutrition and proper training I could excel." By the time Marshall was a high school freshman his 3 lifts (Squat, Bench & Dead Lift) were American records and he was ranked Number 1 in the U. S. "I want other young athletes to know, they can do that too – and no matter how old you are you can still be your best." Now 39 years old Marshall is seeking his 22nd National Power Lifting Title in June. "We bring back another title, we reinforce to young athletes that it's raw, hard work that succeeds," says Marshall. Sponsors, however, play a big part of making these events successful.

The 2013 N.A.S.A. (Natural Athlete Strength Association) USA Nationals are June 8 and June 9 in Laughlin, NV.  Formed in 1990, N.A.S.A. sanctions drug free powerlifting, bench press, push/pull and other power type events. Marshall's team, Power & inTENsity which he founded 15 years ago, is going for their 9th Team Title. The USA Nationals Meet will feature 12 of Marshall's team mates competing , with the added recognition of select P & I  team mates also competing on the USA Red Team & Blue Team. Marshall concedes that one of the toughest parts of competition can be the costs involved. "Sponsors are an important partner for athletes, " says Marshall. "They allow us to fulfill our goals of competing and in exchange we can get them great exposure."  Team P & I is looking for sponsorships to help cover travel expenses for him and his Tucson teammates. Team members from Tucson include: Jonathan Marshall, Les Atwood, Tim Moreno and James Coates.

Following June Nationals, Marshall is looking forward to helping sponsor some young athletes through strength training workshops. "What my coaches did for me,…I want to pass that on and empower other youth to be their best."

To Contact Jonathan Marshall and Team Power & inTeNsity regarding sponsorship and information, call (520) 306-0899 or email Tucsonsnap@aol.com

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