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Glendale animal shelter run out of home told to move or close


A Glendale animal shelter being run out of a home is being told to close up shop or move to a new location.

The owner of Uncle Jack's Cats and Dogs tells CBS 5 they are a nonprofit animal shelter.  Former volunteers, however, say it's all a disguise for the animal hoarding and abuse that is taking place.

The city of Glendale says the shelter is a business operating in a residential zone and has given it until June 12 to either close or move.

Police have reportedly been called out to the home 15 times in the last year, but no violations were found.

Owner Paul Nicolato has been running the shelter with limited funds for about eight years and is baffled as to why this has all of a sudden become a problem.  He claims police have even told him to "keep up the good work."

"We're just trying to give these animals a place to live, a place to retire and get them adopted, the ones that can be," said Nicolato.

Former volunteers, however, paint a picture of abuse and neglect.

"Over time, all of us [former volunteers] have just met each other and come together as a group to try to shut down what is in effect an animal hoarding and cruelty operation posing as a 501c3 nonprofit charity," said former shelter volunteer Sandra Middleton.

Nicolato said he doesn't know what he's going to do but is "working on a plan."

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