HS teacher sexual misconduct allegations possibly prompted online

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Charges are dropped for now against a suspended Ironwood Ridge High School teacher accused of having sex with a student.

Robert Brush was arrested last month before the prosecutor dropped the charges this week.

According to sources familiar with this case, much of evidence against the former teacher was circumstantial in nature and came from people other than the alleged victim.

The Pima County Attorney's Office is not confirming that tonight, though there could be some truth to this since charges against Brush have formally been dismissed.

In March, the Oro Valley Police Department first looked at this case due to what appeared to be an inappropriate relationship between an Ironwood Ridge teacher and student.

We're told suspicion came about due to conversations on a social networking site.

Prosecutors apparently didn't have enough to move forward with the case.

Charges against the former marketing teacher were officially dismissed this week, but that does not necessarily mean he'll be teaching again anytime soon.

"That's the sad part. Unfortunately when you have charges like this, and although the law is you're innocent until proven guilty, my experience has been when you're accused of something of this nature, you're guilty until proven innocent."

We tried to talk to the Pima County Attorney's Office this afternoon to see what charges, if any, might be revisited. All they would tell us is that it's an open investigation.

As for Brush, we're told he's just trying to put his life back together.

According to his attorney, even if charges are never brought forth again, he says it's going to be very difficult for Brush to ever teach again.

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