Keeping crooks away with cameras, apps

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's the time of yearcrooks like best, but the police department offers a solution to ensure yourhouse will be kept safe while you are away.

Debra Childers is alwayson the road. She travels for work and vacation, but she's not worried whenshe's away.

"It's very nice to seeyour home while you're away. You get that sense of everything's fine."

That's because she has asurveillance camera guarding her northwest home. The camera can tilt, pan andtake pictures inside her house. She can access this from anywhere.

"You just don't know whensomething might happen. It's just a precaution, I think."

Local police say they seea spike in burglaries in the summer.

"In the summer time,people tend to go on vacation. Criminals know this so they're always outlooking for crimes of opportunity."

Brandon Mayfield with U.S.Alarm Brokers says many people are using a newer cell phone app, which allowsyou to turn on and turn off your alarm system and control appliances likelighting, thermostat settings and the locks on your doors.

"If your house isbeing burglarized, you get an instantaneous notification via text or emailalmost faster than the monitoring center can even call you."

But that can cost you $40 permonth with a contract, or hundreds of dollars without one.

So, if you're not lookingto spend much, you can always go back to the basics.

Police say burglars alsolook for full mailboxes, so if you're going out of town, make sure you stopyour mail or have your neighbor pick it up.

Also, make sure your doorsand windows are locked and don't let your newspapers pile up.

Try to fool any potentialburglars and make it look like someone's at home even when you're not.

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