Recovering economy leads many to browse, buy at home show

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - About 500 people walkedthrough the doors at the Tucson Convention Center in just the first hour of theHome and Garden Show today.

Many people said they camejust for fun, but others are looking to do bigger projects, and the economy hasa lot to do with that.

In a down economy, manylet home improvement projects wait.

But in a recoveringeconomy, home and garden show-goers are more willing to browse and buy.

"We don't mindspending money as long as we see the value for the dollar spent."

Vendors say buyers want itall: good value, great quality and a competitive price.

In this economy, they'retaking time to shop around.

"The home show isvery, very competitive," said Diana Weathersby with Weathersby Windows & Doors."We are all here. We're all trying to earn the customers' business."

Howard Weiss and his wifeare looking to do big projects on their home: flooring, cabinets and kitchenupdates.

"Investing some money. Ourhouse is almost paid off, the mortgage is almost gone, so it is time to putsome money into the house so we can get to enjoy it and then when we sell, five,six, seven years from now. We're pretty sure we'll get the money out of it,"said Howard Weiss, one home show shopper.

David Whipple has 12 yearsexperience in the home show business. He's seen the ups and downs.

"You know, in '08, '09 wesaw sometimes a 50, 60, 70 percent drop, which was pretty significant. But thelast year, I think with the housing market, I think it's really bouncing back,"said David Whipple with Lustre Craft Cookware.

Still, many come just tobrowse and check out the demonstrations, and aside from the $8 admission fee,they're not spending any money.

"Most people just browse,but then there are people who are serious about buying things," said home showshoppers, Joseph and Lenore Pero.

This year, vendors hopethey're more serious than the last.

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