Survival bracelets: fashion statement, useful tool

(Source: Ty Holland)
(Source: Ty Holland)

By Ty Holland

For years, both soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts have used survival bracelets made from parachute cord (paracord). These bracelets contain about ten feet of braided paracord connected with a small plastic buckle. Since paracord is available in different colors bracelets can be fashionable jewelry. In addition, survival bracelets can symbolize an event or cause. For example red, white and blue braided paracord for the Fourth of July.

Emergency use of paracord range from replacing a broken shoelace on a hike to securing the car's trunk lid after a full day of shopping at the local home improvement store. The uses for paracord are endless. Just unbraid the paracord from the bracelet and use as needed.

Survival bracelets can be purchased at sporting goods stores and on-line. For the do it yourself crowd Google is your friend. A quick Google search will provide several how-to videos and on-line vendors selling bulk paracord and plastic buckles. If you have a shop local preference, most military surplus stores will also have the required supplies. Bracelets will also make great birthday and holiday gifts.

Survival bracelets are machine washable in cold water and must be air-dried. The best way to dry is to place the bracelet on a paper towel. Bracelets will shrink about a quarter of an inch after the first wash.

In the next few weeks, we should see all kinds of colorful survival bracelets around town and on the mountain trails.

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