Traveling nuns push for immigration reform

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A developing story out of Washington, D.C. as senators can now debate and offer changes to a massive immigration reform bill.

The package from the so- called "Gang of 8" cleared two procedural votes Tuesday. It would create a pathway to citizenship for the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants, but only after more border security is in place.

The senate majority leader wants to get the bill through the senate before July 4.

It faces stiffer opposition in the Republican-controlled house.

In an effort to get the bill through Congress, U.S. Rep Raul Grijalva hosted an event for the network Nuns on a Bus.

It's a group of Catholic nuns who are traveling the country, hosting different events on immigration.

In fact, in three weeks they will have traveled 6,500 miles, stopping in 15 different states.

The nuns say most people agree that we have a broken immigration system. They are hoping we can pass a bill that will give citzenship for the 11 million undocumented migrants. They believe it would really benefit the economy.

"It also gives us the flexibility as a nation to adjust our economic needs. It speeds up those that have been waiting in line for years," said Sister Simone Campbell, the head of Nuns on the Bus.

Former Arizona state representative Frank Antenori says Republicans are also for immigration reform. He says in order for this bill to pass, there are some amendments that need to be added, including enforcement at the border.

"We want to see tough enforcement measures and we don't want people who are illegally to go to the front of the line before those that have come here the right way and are going through the immigration process to get their citizen shop," Antenori said.

The Nuns on the Bus will continue their tour tomorrow at the Nogales international border.

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