Lee Lambert becomes PCC chancellor July 1

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Pima Community College's incoming chancellor spoke at his first governing board meeting tonight, saying we will overcome challenges together.

Doctor Lee Lambert says he has a plan to get the college out of probation, and it means reaching out to employees and students.

Lambert tells me that once he is chancellor, he will be making scheduled and unscheduled visits to the various PCC campuses.

The Higher Learning Commission report that led up to the college being placed on probation took aim at PCC leadership.

Lambert says he will focus on being transparent and taking input from employees as part of a task force to shape the new PCC.

He says he will also be looking at ways to include students.

"When I was a student I was able to participate in important committees of the colleges I was involved with," Lambert said. "For example I was a housing committee to select a housing project.  When I was in law school, I was on a hiring committee to select a new faculty at the law school, so I think it's important that students have that opportunity to learn."

Lambert tells me he would like to accomplish two things.

First to help the college do a self-evaluation to find out what the college is doing right and where improvements should be made.

That's one of the steps to emerging out of probation.

Then Lambert would like to help leadership regain credibility by establishing guidelines for chancellor and board.

"The relationship between the board and the chancellor are moreclearly articulated in the form of executive limitations, so that way I betterunderstand what I have the authority to do and what I don't have the authorityto do," Lambert said. "And then you have a way tomonitor that so that they're receiving constant reports on performance."

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