All Souls Procession using new form of fundraising

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Happening tonight allaround town is a new kind of fundraiser for one non-profit.

'The Night of a ThousandParties' will help pay for an annual Tucson tradition, the All SoulsProcession.

Organizers say every yearit grows and costs more to put on the event, but they do not always get newdonors.

They are now working onorganizing individual parties, for fundraising to happen.

The total bill for the2012 All Souls Procession was $74,000, right now the organizers still have$12,000 to pay off.  Most of this is donewith donations that have come in from small businesses and individuals andgrassroots fundraising.

Other non-profits havedone similar party programs, here is how it works.

People sign up to host aprivate party, they pick up a DVD to show, then there are handouts that breakdown how money is raised and how it is spent.

All Souls organizers haveten parties set up so far, all of them private functions, so if you do not knowsomeone hosting one, you can still sign up today.

Or there is thealternative of donating online.

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