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Caught On Camera: Threatening words from a 'hero'

Charles Ramsey Charles Ramsey

We've obtained exclusive video of chilling threats from Charles Ramsey.

He's the man called a hero after helping three missing women get out alive last month from the home of Ariel Castro.

Cell phone video shows Ramsey telling a man taking video of him, "If you keep doing that, I'll have you sued. And I'm gonna pay a Puerto Rican to put a bullet in your head."

Ramsey made international headlines the day Ariel Castro got busted for holding three women hostage for years.

Ramsey helped Amanda Berry pry open a door as she broke out.

But last week a man recorded cell phone video of Ramsey at the McDonald's, East 105 and St. Clair in Cleveland. That man asked not to be identified  because of what happened.

He said, "Shocking. I didn't think he'd come off that way. I was in shock he'd say he would pay someone to blow my brains out."

The video shows Ramsey chatting like a rock star and posing for pictures. Then that encounter.

The man with the camera followed Ramsey to the McDonald's counter saying, "Man saved the girls." Then Ramsey turned to him and said, "If you keep doing that, Ill have you sued. And I'm gonna pay a Puerto Rican to put a (then he makes a gesture that implies a gun shooting a bullet) in your head." The man responded with, "My head? I don't want you to kill me."

Ramsey, riding his fame, even represented now by a Las Vegas celebrity speakers firm.  The speakers firm spoke for him about the video.

Bruce Merrin told 19 Action News, "Just an expression in the neighborhood. Not in any way a threat. He understands he's gotta be more careful."

Oddly, Ramsey is getting all that fame. Yet another man on the block also helped in the escape. But once you're famous, no escaping cameras watching you.

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