Baking in Alaska

110° is the threshold for "scorching" hot in Arizona, but what is that number in Alaska? Well apparently it is anything above 80°!

High pressure has been sitting over our 49th state for the past several days, breaking daily high records. In our standards these highs are nothing to complain about, when your max averages are in the 60s, anything near 90 is brutal! Good news for the residents of our largest state; That high will start breaking down and near seasonal weather will take hold by the weekend, but that also includes rain. Here are some stats around Alaska:

 Anchorage:  normal high: 63°
Saturday:  71°/record: 82°
Sunday:  75°/record: 79°
Monday:  81°/record: 84°
Tuesday:  81°/record: 80°
Al time high: 85°
Barrow:  normal high: 42°
Saturday:  56°/record: 59°
Sunday:  40°/record: 59°
Monday:  55°/record: 63°
Tuesday:  53°/record: 72°
Al time high: 79°
Fairbanks:  normal high: 73°
Saturday:  86°/record: 96°
Sunday:  88°/record: 89°
Monday:  86°/record: 90°
Tuesday:  86°/record: 91°
Al time high: 99° (Yup almost 100!)
Juneau:  normal high: 63°
Saturday:  83°/record: 83°
Sunday:  85°/record: 82°
Monday:  82°/record: 83°
Tuesday:  69°/record: 84°
Al time high: 90°
Kodiak:  normal high: 55°
Saturday:  52°/record: 78°
Sunday:  73°/record: 73°
Monday:  79°/record: 78°
Tuesday:  73°/record: 72°
Al time high: 86°
Nome:  normal high: 56°
Saturday:  50°/record: 79°
Sunday:  59°/record: 74°
Monday:  84°/record: 77°
Tuesday:  72°/record: 80°
Al time high: 85°