Truck driver faces felony criminal charges in downed power pole incident

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Police are still investigating two incidents within a week involving two separate semi trucks that pulled down power lines on the south side.

TPD says 54-year-old Mark Misslich is charged with two counts of felony criminal damage after his semi dragged several power lines and poles to the ground Friday near 6th Avenue and 22nd Street. Police say he went off his truck route and his truck was too tall for the area.

The driver in Thursday's incident missed his turn and went down Osborn near 22nd Street to get back on track. He faces a standard traffic ticket.

Police say the damage for the ax on 6th Street will cost the city an estimated minimum of $30,000.

Thursday's incident will also cost in the thousands, police say.

So what's going on? Whose fault is this? TPD says these kinds of things happen sometimes.

"I don't think there's a lot the city can do," said Sgt. Chris Widmer with the Tucson Police Department. "Both ultimately fall on the fault of the driver. They happen from time to time. Two in one week is a little odd but it can happen. In both cases, nobody meant to do it."

The city spokesperson says the roads don't prohibit trucks on them. He also confirms the city can't do anything to prevent this from happening again.

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