Local fire crews help out with wildfires across state lines

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The pictured Type 3 Engine is part of Northwest Fire Department's Ironwood Hot Shot crew.

The engine can hold 600 gallons of water and is mainly used to protect structures from wildfires.

The wildfires out west have kept the Ironwood Hot Shots busy. Brandon Emans just got back from the Black Forest Fire in Colorado, where he was helping for a week.

"We were on a water tender, a Type 2 tender. We were just filling up engines as they need water for mop up," Emans said.

Emans is heading home to get some rest.

His fellow northwest firefighters are on standby. They were helping with the Thompson Ride Fire in New Mexico, but they're ready for their next assignment.

"What we do [is] we just make sure we have all of our gear together, our 2 week bags. [We] make sure all the tools are sharpened," said Tim Hubbard with Northwest Fire.

The Northwest Fire Ironwood Hot Shots are on a list. This truck and the crew that goes with it could be on the next list for the next wildfire.

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