Mom of kidnapped Tucson girl talks about latest arrests of relatives

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - "I'm happy they're finally getting punished for putting me through all that and putting my daughter through all that," said Caroline Oddo, the mother to Anna.

Anna Oddo is still feeling a bit of relief 24 hours after police announced the arrests of three more family members connected to her daughter's kidnapping.

Police say her daughter Caroline was abducted by her father, Luis Palacio who is still on the run. But his mom, Virginia and grandparents have been arrested and charged with helping him cross the border.

Investigators say he was with his girlfriend Danielle Lovemore who also kidnapped her daughter, baby Estella.

They were found in Hermosillo, Mexico about a 4 hour drive south from Tucson back in March and returned to the U.S. Everyone except for Palacio who was let go because he is a Mexican national.

"If he stays in Mexico, he wont ever get arrested. That's fine by me as long as [Luis is] in Mexico," said Oddo.

The two families have a rocky past. Anna showed us a restraining order, Virginia placed on her. The order accuses Anna of harassing Virginia's family over Facebook and throwing a rock at her car. Something Anna denies.

"I don't think it was harassing if they really did take your baby and it's not harassing when all you're doing is asking questions," said Oddo.

On a quest to find her little girl, Anna says she would drive by Virginia's house and see Lovemore's car parked out front. So, she knew Luis was likely staying there as well.

"But, [Virginia] says she didn't have any contact with Luis but she was living with Luis' girlfriend. So, it doesn't make sense she didn't have contact with Luis. Why would you care about the girlfriend then?" said Anna.

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