Operation Chill Out donations

The hot temperatures has forced many resident to find cool places these days. For the less fortunate, finding a cool place can be a bit of a challenge. Many of Tucson's homeless live in parks without much protection from the sun.

The Salvation Army began the yearly Operation Chill Out last month in preparation of the heat. The program allows the non-profit to collect water, hats and sunscreen lotion for the homeless. Which is later handed out in a couple locations around the city.

The Salvation Army didn't have enough items to fill the shelves. So they held a Operation Chill out drive at the Walgreens near Speedway and Country Club. The donation truck was parked out front. The drive began at 7:00am and went to 5:00pm.

The group collected over 30 cases of water and more than 50 miscellaneous items like hats, umbrellas and lip balm for the homeless.

Here is a list of things the Salvation Army needs for Operation Chill Out. They are asking for donations of unopened bottled water, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, flip flops, umbrellas and white t-shirts.

They can be dropped of at any Naughton's Plumbing locations and The Hospitality House at 1021 N. 11th ave through August 31st.

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