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County spraying sewers to be clear of cockroaches

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Pest control crews on contract with the county are spraying the sewer system to control cockroaches. Pest control crews on contract with the county are spraying the sewer system to control cockroaches.
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

American cockroaches are creepy, crawly, and live in the sewer.

This summer, experts say it's possible you may see more of the insects out and about than last year. Some blame the desert's mild winter for helping more of them survive.

"The older the system, the more we tend to see," said Gavin Gallifant, owner of National Environmental Solutions, the pest control company contracted through Pima County to spray manholes with pesticide. 

Gallifant's crew spent Monday spraying several manholes around the county with a white latex paint blended with pesticide. He says it can take a matter of seconds or hours for it to work.

Carl Olson, a retired University of Arizona insect researcher and professor says it's hard to eliminate all the roaches in the sewer.

"They are going to be there. They always are," said Olson. He stressed these insects play an important role in the ecosystem.

"When people ask well what good are they? I say they're recyclers." He added, "They're taking material that wouldn't get broken down."

As for what you can do to prevent these pests from getting inside your place? Olson recommends keeping your home clean. 

Pima County is taking preventative measures to control the amount of cockroaches in the area by spraying pesticide in all of the county's 73,000 manholes every two years.

If you have a cockroach problem, you can report it by calling and leaving a message on the county's automated hotline number at (520) 724-3401.

For more information about how to reduce the chance of cockroaches coming into your home and to check out Pima County's Roach Control Program, click here.

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