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TUSD board approves $300,000 campaign budget

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson's largest school district might get a lot of press, but it's looking to boost its image.    

It's making a move to show why more students should be in its classrooms while some say the money should go straight to the classroom.

At TUSD headquarters, the board has voted on spending $300,000 on a year-long campaign.

Some say tonight that money should be going straight to employees for the classroom. Those who propose this say much of that has to be spent this way and that it will bring in students.

While teachers representatives say $300,000 should go to deferring the costs they incur in the classroom, the district public relations office says $100,000 each from desegregation funds and from the grant used on magnet schools are being used to promote those programs coupled with money also from the maintenance and operations budget.

The district would revamp its logo and get the word out on a variety of programs that it offers.

This aims to not only keep or bring in students, which means more state funding for the district, but build support for future override elections.

The leader of one campaign, Tucson Unified School Supporters, encountered this challenge five years ago as she tried to get voter support for overrides, but she says she found many had not only bad images but incorrect perceptions by the public of what the district was doing.

The board approved this budget 4-1.

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