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NASA launching new satellite to study sun

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Source: NASA Source: NASA

NASA will launch the newest satellite to study the sun today. 

The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograh (IRIS) mission will study the area between the photosphere and the corona, which is known as the chromosphere. 

The photosphere is the lowest layer of the sun's atmosphere and from where the sun releases light energy.  

The chromosphere hydrogen burns off and gives off a reddish glow. 

The corona is the outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere. According to the corona "can only be seen during a total solar eclipse as well. It appears as white streamers or plumes of ionized gas that flow outward into space."

Image Source: NASA/ESA/Image Editor

NASA says the IRIS mission will open a "window of discovery into this crucial region (chromosphere) by tracing the flow of energy and plasma through the chromosphere and transition region into the corona using spectrometry and imaging" according to NASA.

For more on the IRIS mission click here.

The launch is scheduled fro 7:27 PM from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. 

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