PCC aviation technology students study here to work here

PCC aviation technology students study here to work here

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Dozens of Pima Community College students are learning how to keep our planes in the sky running smoothly,
and local firms are snatching them up for work.

Students are working feverishly to finish their projects in their aircraft structures class.

"We're learning how to do repairs, patches, simple repairs, things like that." For Ashley Rodriguez, it's an art form.
"Looking at what I just finished and created that looked so complicated at first, is really rewarding."

Nearly 50 students will graduate from the PCC Aviation Technology program this summer.

Most of the students from the last graduating class wound up working in Tucson for Bombardier.

Students have worked to form and repair the frames on an old 727, but they're also learning the newest technique for structural repair.

Steven Beck is learning how to make parts out of lightweight materials, including fabric.

"It's actually part of a dash for my car, for a lancer, I had broke it," Beck said.

Making lighter, more durable aircraft parts is a budding technology expected to take off.

"This was one of our first projects. This is horrible, the teacher did not accept this." Beck may joke about his trials and errors,
but the skills he learned have already helped him secure a job down the street for the Air National Guard.

"I'll basically be doing sheet metal, which is structure work, which is everything I pretty much learned in the first six phases of structures," he said. "It's going to be a journey I guess."

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