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One year anniversary of Genna Ayup's death

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The death of a young woman one year ago today has sparked change in our community.

Police say Genna Ayup was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Ronald Corbin, in their east side home.

Corbin claims the shooting was accidental, but he also admits to drinking prior to the shooting.

Two weeks later, Corbin was arrested, then charges were dropped in August.

Then came a family's fight for a new law in March. Genna Ayup's Law was passed by the Tucson City Council.

But, the family truly believes if Genna's Law was in effect, Corbin, Jr. would be behind bars today.

Family and friends gathered at the crematorium today to remember Genna Ayup's life. In the middle of tragedy, they are celebrating a small victory: the passage of a law named after her.

Genna's Law would give police authority to require a blood or breath test in case of all accidental shootings, something the family says was not done in Ayup's case.

But the problem is the Tucson ordinance provides no criminal penalty,so we went to the councilman who proposed this legislation to ask him the big question: does this ordinance really have any teeth to it, and what are they hoping to do to make sure this law really makes a difference in the lives of those who are suffering?

"What it does is requires law enforcement to do breathalyzer in accidental shooting. Had that law existed we wouldn't be having this discussion about where is the justice because justice would have been served," said Ward 2 Councilman Paul Cunningham. "This common sense legislation helps law enforcement and helps enable police to do their job better."

"It's nothing about second amendment rights, nothing to do with that," said Genna's sister, Ericka Ayup. "I'm all for second amendment, what I'm for is common sense."

While the Tucson ordinance provides no criminal penalty, it allows officers to collect additional evidence that could be used in court to support a criminal negligence charge.

Councilman Paul Cunningham says he now plans to take this law to the state legislature in January and push for a hearing.

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