Immigration rally happening downtown this afternoon

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As lawmakers in Washington D.C. move closer to a vote on immigration reform, several local groups are making a last minute push against some of the proposals.

What they say could turn border communities into war zones. They have only a few hours left, and their demonstration downtown may be more symbolic than anything else.  Saying adding more agents and more technology will not make the border any more secure.

The organizers describe themselves as migrant rights groups.

This afternoon they plan to spotlight the consequences for migrants and border communities if the bill passes as it is.

It would call for a near doubling of border patrol agents, increased surveillance and more prosecutions.

These local groups are calling for policies that would do less to militarize the border zone.

One of the organizers says 'it has nothing to with border security' and is all politics.

The group is meeting at 4 p.m., near Senator McCain's office, in front of the federal courthouse.

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