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Where to head to escape the heat

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By now you have heard it is going to be extremely hot in the desert southwest, but the joy of living here is we are able to escape the hot deserts with just a quick drive.  Temperatures are not going to be near records this weekend, but we could be 113° by Saturday, which would be the warmest temperature in nearly 18 years.  While we are dealing with the heat the high country will also be warm, but for us desert dwellers, it will seem nice.

Mount Lemmon's highs this weekend will be a comfortable 90°, so a trip up to Summerhaven is worth the hour drive! But if you wanted to extend your trip a little bit, head to the White Mountains where day times highs will be near 85°. So we are talking a little warm, but nothing compared to what we are going to be dealing with here in the desert. You may just run into a few storms in the White Mountains both Saturday and Sunday, so something to monitor if heading up.

Beach locals are looking near perfect, especially along the Gulf of California. Rocky Point will be in the lower 90s and water temperatures are in the lower 80s! Not the case in California, where the water temps are sitting near 60° but the air temps will be a pleasant 80°. 

Relief is in sight next week from this brutal heat, but with the cooler temperatures (near 105°) comes the chance for rain. Stay cool, keep hydrated, limit activity outdoors and be smart in the heat.

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