Lifeguards respond quickly to near-drowning

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On Sunday, June 2, a near-drowning accident occurred in the Marana area.

The Marana Pool was reserved for a private party of 50 people where one head lifeguard and three additional lifeguards were scheduled.

Around noon, the pool had 30 to 35 people when the first lifeguard observed a boy not moving and was submerged. An adult male who was attending the event saw the boy and reached in.

When a lifeguard reached the boy, it was determined that the boy was exhibiting shallow breathing and had a pulse. Two rescue breaths were performed and it was observed that the boy's chest rose. Therefore, CPR was not necessary or indicated.

Northwest Fire EMT's arrived and assisted the boy. They supplied an oxygen tube through the boy's nose. Paramedics found that the boy had minimal water in his lungs.

The boy was transported to UAMC and was released the next day.

Paramedics stated that they were impressed with the actions and professionalism of the lifeguards when they arrived at scene.

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