Customers scramble to get refund from closed restaurant

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The closure of a popular destination for Mexican dining and large parties has sent those who have booked with Las Cazuelitas scrambling.  The property owner is also working to get his own hotel back on track, and is doing so while trying to accommodate the events that were booked at the restaurant.

"We came to an agreement, you know.  They're going to try and cover my costs of the event for me to let them go on with it.  And we're going to try to honor all the events that are already in place," said Kevin Park, owner of Grant Inn and the property where Las Cazuelitas operated.

Park said that the restaurant fell behind in rent and caused his hotel to close, also.  Park said that he will manage to reopen the hotel Friday evening and try to satisfy all of the events already booked by Las Cazuelitas.  While restaurant owner Abelardo Frisby disputed on Wednesday that his rent affected the hotel, a person at his phone number Thursday said that Frisby was out of town.  He was trying to move events to another location Wednesday.

"I promised for them for July 6th and if they're not happy with this, one of these beautiful centers here in Tucson, we have the same accommodations as a hotel and everything, we're willing to give them back their total refund," Frisby said Wednesday.

Frisby was speaking about Virginia Rodriguez and the 80th birthday party she planned for her father.  But she said that she got a different story from Frisby Thursday.

"I said family members have come through for us, they've helped us.  I said, so we just want our money back, I said, just as you said on the news last night that if we wanted a refund that you would refund us the money.  Well, he goes, 'I don't have it,'" Rodriguez said about a telephone conversation she had with Frisby on Thursday.  She has booked the July 6th event at the Tucson Expo Center at 3750 E. Irvington Road

Grant Inn owner Kevin Park is trying to reach all the parties who have scheduled events at Las Cazuelitas.  He encourages them to reach him at (424) 558-9178 or by email at

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