A.C. repairmen extremely busy as Tucson enters heat wave

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the Summer heat wave continues, we're thankful for air conditioning -- and A.C. technicians are extremely busy.

The temp reflected a hundred degrees in Tucson at around 9 p.m.  Friday night. It was much worse earlier in the day as some Tucsonans had no cool air.

"It's been really really warm," said Noah Gariepui. "Just absolutely miserable. The dogs are miserable."

Tucson's heat can be unbearable and imagine your air conditioner broken. That's what happened at Noah Gariepui's midtown home.

"Immediately after the fan turned off it's just blowing warm air in the house," said Gariepui.

So, she called Able Refrigeration to check it out. Ronald Huls is the owner and says he sees about 50% increase in calls during the summer months.

"Pretty much the most common thing you find is lack of maintenance and pretty much it's the filter," says Huls.

It wasn't only homes but businesses too. The A.C. broke at Starbucks near Cortaro and I-10. Workers say it reached well above 90 degrees inside. They wore wet cloths around their necks to keep cool as an A.C. repairman worked to fix the problem.

Back in Midtown, Huls tells Tucson News Now he drinks plenty of water to keep himself hydrated on these scorching summer days.

"When you're working 14 or 16 hour days in these kind of conditions, it can have a toll on you."

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