Tucson businesses bank on heat wave

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The heat wave can be a good thing for some, like Tucson area businesses. With temps hovering around 110 degrees this weekend, places like Breaker's Water Park and auto part stores have seen a boost in business.

In the midst of the hottest days of the year, workers at O'Reilly's Auto Parts say their store rakes in the revenue.

"One day it's running fine and the next day radiator goes, hoses go," said Fernando Nunez, a manager at O'Reilly's.

Nunez says maintenance is everything. "It's something that they may not think about during the year but as you know once May comes around it just changes from one extreme to the other. And they do get caught unprepared," said Nunez.

Business has also been good at Breaker's Water Park, off Tangerine and I-10. Families seeking relief from the sweltering heat brought their kids to the water slides and wave pool.

"We need a place to cool off. We don't have a pool at our place and the kids love getting wet and having fun," said Linda Morphew.

With temps soaring above 110 degrees these last couple of days, business has been booming.

"Right now, our attendance has been driven up extremely high because of the fact of the heat. It's here," said Steve Milkosi of Breaker's Water Park.

Meanwhile misters cool customers at Frost Gelato where workers say business picks up by 40 percent during the summer.

"The last few days have especially been out of control, especially at nights, we get lines out the door all the time," said Rainey.

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