Home struck by lightning on Southeast side

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Lightning caused a lot of problems in Southeast Tucson on Sunday night.

At least two homes were struck by lightning.  One in the 2100 block of Farewell Avenue on the east side.  The other house was hit in the 9000 block of Elderberry Street, off of Valencia in the Rita Ranch community.

Neighbor Barb Kulseth was just pulling into her driveway when she saw the lightning bolt hit.

"I saw lighting hit the roof and sparks came raining down side of house," said Kulseth.

Kulseth said the impact of the lightning strike caused a loud boom that set off car alarms and even smoke alarms in the neighborhood.

Tucson fire Captain Barrett Baker said quick action by the neighbor saved the home from being severely damaged.  Baker said firefighters got to the home in five minutes, and were able to put the fire out by hosing the outside of the home.  Firefighters used extinguishers to put out the flames inside the attic.

"Thank goodness she called 911.  You get fire in an attic space with insulation and the entire house could be consumed in a couple minutes," said Baker.

The homeowners were on vacation according to neighbors.

In addition to homes, lightning also struck several trees and set some palm trees on fire near Golf Links and Prudence.

"It's Mother Nature.  We go from 110 degree temperatures to the Monsoon, with severe lightening strikes in the city tonight," said Baker.

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