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Abandoned construction site concerns neighbors


An abandoned construction site in the Pennington Bend area is causing some concern among neighbors, who worry that mosquitoes could breed in the standing water.

Cascadia was announced as a 16-story luxury condo complex, according to the company's website in 2008; it was to be "a shining monument to Nashville modern home design."

The listed price for a one-bedroom condo was in excess of $500,000.

Councilman Phil Claiborne remembered the groundbreaking ceremony in 2007 as a big deal.

"Unfortunately, there was no way to know the economy was on the verge of collapse," Claiborne said.

The site was cleared and excavated, then eventually abandoned. The developer went bankrupt. Wilson Bank and Trust owns the property now.

The Metro Health Department is aware of the abandoned construction site. According to spokesman Brian Todd, they do come out and test for mosquito larvae and treat if they need to.

Emerson Eubank, who lives next to the vacant property, has another concern. The developer took down all the trees. They were the buffer between his house and Briley Parkway.

"We'd like to see it back in its old form, with the trees covering the interstate, to be honest," Eubank said.

Exactly what will happen to the 5-acre site is up in the air.

Claiborne said the property is zoned for a wide variety of uses and could be developed as something else.

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