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Pillowcase Project giving back to those overseas

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Dozens of volunteers are giving back to military members overseas.

It's called the Pillowcase Project: a project that ships pillowcases to every person the USS Nimitz. There are about 5,000 Navy personnel on board.

Sue Lamberson started the project after making a gift for her son who deployed about five years ago. She's hope its gives them a little comfort when they are away from home.

"Got an email the other day from a sailor," Lamberson said. "It said, ‘I'm 19, I've never been away from home before.  Sometimes I'm kind of scared on this big ship, but my pillowcase reminds me of my Grandma and it just really helps."

More than 30,000 pillowcases have been sent to troops over the last five years.

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