Crews still work to restore power, reopen west side roads

(Source: Tucson Fire Department)
(Source: Tucson Fire Department)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's going to be a long night for Tucson Electric Power officials; roads are still blocked in the Greasewood and Ironwood area.

Power is still out for at least 13,000 customers, city-wide.

The powerful storm that swept through this part of town left behind chaos and a trail of downed power lines.
Medics, police officers and power company crews flooded the area of Greasewood and Ironwood after heavy winds ripped through the area.
"Oh gosh, tornado-like conditions. I saw light fixtures flying," said Alecia Baker, whose car was crushed by a power pole.
Blinding rain, flashes of lightning and heavy wind gusts left behind a big mess.

Nearly three to four blocks of Greasewood is lined with downed power poles, lines toppled all over the road, including on top of cars.
"The power line fell off the car and slid off the back," Baker said. "It lit the car up. I'm still shaking."

Baker said she was electrocuted: "Yes, I actually was. The car turned pink; it was crazy."
Downed power poles actually fell on top of some cars. Firefighters say no one was hurt, but it created some scary moments for drivers.
"People were jumping over the lines. I was yelling at them to not jump [and] to stay in their cars," resident Phil Diaz said.
TEP officials say it could take a while before they have a handle on this situation.
"We'll be out here all night," said Joe Barrios. "Could take a couple days before we know."
Power is still out in the area, roads are still blocked and there are still lines all over the road. TEP crews are working as fast as they can to get things up and running at this time.

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