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Hard ground making power pole replacement difficult

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

There are still 150 customers without service now, much of it has been going on for the last 36 hours. 

Many of those without power are staying with relatives, or local hotels, while TEP crews continue to make repairs. 

TEP is saying power has been restored due to temporary power lines being strung, as the permanent lines have to wait until the new metal poles are installed.

Crews were certain replacing these poles would only take a day or two, now it looks more like four or five, with over a dozen poles to replace and tough ground to dig in.   Work crews are saying the ground is like drilling into bedrock. 

There are also some questions being raised about proactive replacement of these poles, how and when TEP decides to fix poles before they are broken.

Officials tell Tucson News Now that they are constantly inspecting; maybe a pole is leaning more than it should be or the wood looks deteriorated or damaged.  Engineers or even customers report when a pole looks like it needs work. 

Officials look at areas that see outages more frequently or longer, and can sometimes target that area for fixes.  But say there is no such thing as a perfect system, as no one can control mother nature.

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