SunTran's SunGo bus system not going well

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - SunTran has put a new pay system into effect to streamline the process for all of its transit systems.

It designed to allow customers to use one card to pay for rides and transfers on all the systems, including the streetcar line.

It's called SunGo but it's rollout is not going very smoothly.

"Quite frankly, these problems are greater than we anticipated," says Michele Joseph, marketing director for Sun Tran.

Whenever a new system is put into place, a few glitches are expected but the problems with the new service go far beyond a few glitches.

"We know there are some pretty major issues," she says. "We're not exactly sure how widespread they are."

"No value on card," the reader blurts out as a passenger touches his card to the machine.

Looking puzzled he tells the driver, he just bought it. "No value on card," it reads again and again.

He puts a dollar in the machine with the same result.

The bus driver touches the card to the screen and again, it says "no value on card."

This has become an issue. Most passengers pass right through as the card reads easily. But for some unknown reason, many don't.

"The drivers are now instructed to let the passengers ride even if the reader fails," Joseph says.

"It isn't working, not well," one rider says as he votes with this thumbs down.

Another says, "I have not problems with it."

Thomas Breckner says he touches his card to the screen and "it goes, beep, beep, beep, beep."

"It's not working right," he says.

Others, as they load their cards, are getting debits or credit charges for hundreds of dollars. An issue yet to be resolved.

Joseph says she has put on extra staff to try to figure out how big the problem is, the first step in solving it.

"We're doing everything we can and using all the resources we can to try and fix the problems," she says.

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