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4th of July Weather

First of all lets start by saying Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!

If you are planning on going outside for the fourth, you are probably going to experience some "normal" weather for Thursday. Now normal weather on 7/4 is a high of 102° and a low of 74° with about .04" of rain.  This year we are calling for a high of 103° but a very warm overnight low of 80° and you can thank all the moisture in the air for that (moisture reserves heat better than air so the temperature is not able to drop as fast). Rain chances are not at zero but they are not extremely high at all. We are going for about a 20 percent chance of rain or storms.

Last year, if you remember, what a year! The high was only 86° and the city saw about three-quarters of an inch of rain. Thunderstorms, clouds and a lot of moisture kept our temperatures way down. Here is how the last 4th's have turned out and something to notice is the rain that usually occurs every few years or so. The fourth is not as dry you may think, especially the last two years. Click here for July 4th Stats


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