Mount Lemmon campers meet fire and smoking restrictions

MT. LEMMON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The sound of an electricair pump serves a reminder in the Rose Canyon camping area that there's nothingwrong with a little comfort at the campsite.  Cecil Minnis has a party of13.  But one trademark feature, the campfire, is against the rules rightnow.  Gas stoves and lanterns are permitted.  Smoking is off-limitsoutside.

"I think it's alittle much.  Honestly we have a couple of people that smoke and for anyof them smoking, they tell you to get in the car with the windows rolled up andthat's the only way you're allowed to smoke," Minnis said.

"I do hope thateveryone is being cautious, especially seeing the signs for cigarettes and suchand putting them out, so, yeah definitely, it's definitely a danger and hopethat everyone's taking precautions just to keep everyone safe," ElizabethSlaymaker said as she stood in Summerhaven.  She brought some friends fromout of town to Mount Lemmon to check out the scenery and to take in the cooltemperatures on the day before the Fourth of July.

"Shocking thatthere can be something like this in terms of the temperature difference, Imean, I think it was 106 when we left the bottom, it's 73 up here, you have 33degree difference.  It's actually a lot cooler here than back home inRhode Island right now," said visitor Bill Friedman.

"The summer hasbeen going weather-wise very well and people traffic really well," saidCarol Mack, co-owner of the Mount Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop.

The traffic could geteven better for the store, since fewer locations on Mount Lemmon will requirefees.  Only eleven locations will have signs and fee boxes to collectthem.  And while some visitors might not like the fire restrictions, theyknow why they must follow them as they enjoy their mountaintop getaway.

"We'll make thebest of whatever, you know, we can while we're here," Minnis said.

The Fourth of Julyparade in Summerhaven starts promptly at noon.  Two fire engines areexpected to be part of the parade.  One will serve in memoriam for the 19firefighters lost battling the Yarnell Hill Fire.

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