July 5th Storms - Tucson News Now

July 5th Storms

Tucson's first major monsoon storm of 2013 was quite impressive. The storms fired up over the Huachuca Mountains and created outflow winds (Outflows are winds that are pushed away from a storm and sometimes that outflow can create other storms, for July fifths case that was exactly what happened).  Storms fired up around lunch time south of the city and just sat for an hour and dumped rain in several areas south of downtown. Winds were a major problem as well with these storms, with gusts over 70 miles per hour. Tucson International Airport had a wind gust of 74 mph, hurricane force! Damaged trees, power poles and structural damage were all reported through the afternoon.  The airport (Tucson's official weather station) received .89" of rain which is putting monsoons 2013 total so far at .95", above the normal for this date (monsoon rainfall). We are still down around .8" for the year.

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