TIA confident it can handle an emergency

Tucson International Airport police car parked on the runway.
Tucson International Airport police car parked on the runway.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - In light of the Boeing 777 plane crash in San Francisco that killed two people and injured dozens of others, Tucson International Airport officials say they're confident they could handle a similar situation.

First responders train for disasters once every few months. On Friday afternoon, they had an emergency with 70 mile per hour winds, knocking down fences and trees and flooding the runway.

Airport police and firefighters are specially trained to deal with aircraft problems. Most emergencies they get are weather related.

The last time TIA had a plane crash was about 20 years ago. The jet slid on its nose and off the runway.

The emergency plan in place includes sending out a page, investigating the incident and notifying several federal agencies such as FAA and NTSB depending on the type of situation.

Emergency crews also work closely with nearby agencies like the Tucson Fire and Police departments, as well as Pima County Sheriff's Department.

"You need to be comfortable with an emergency before it actually happens," said John Ivanoff, TIA Police Chief. "You don't want to learn you have a gap in your ability to handle an emergency after the fact or while the emergency is going on."

There were no reported flight delays out of TIA, according to Chief Ivanoff.

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