Thousands across the country attend firefighter memorial service

PRESCOTT, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Themood at today's memorial is a contrast: somber in remembering the 19 liveslost, but celebration of their heroism.

The parking lot held tens of thousands ofpeople from not only Prescott, but all across Arizona and all across thecountry.

Some reflected with their heads bowed,others wiping away sadness.

They watched the jumbotron as severaldignitaries spoke, including Vice President Joe Biden and Governor Jan Brewer. And the lonesurvivor of the crew.

The Toyota Center itself, and its 6,000seats were reserved for family and friends of the victim and certainfirefighters.

Men and women poured into the small town fromalmost every state, and even from across the border in Canada.

"We came down the road and see all thesefirefighters, and all the people in the parking lot. Being a big family, thisis what it's all about. It's why we came here today: to mourn these people andall to remember them [and] that there's no borders when you're a firefighter."

The memorial organizers see today as a timeto honor the men and to start the healing process for firefighters, and allpeople whose lives they touched.

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