TSPL: Kids take over Saturday mornings

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - If you head out to the Tucson Summer Pro League early on a Saturday, you're going to notice that the players have gotten smaller.

For the first time in the ten-year run of the NCAA-sanctioned summer basketball league, the TSPL has instituted a kids program.

Boys and Girls ages 10-to-13 play in games ahead of the high school, collegians and recreation players who make up the main league.

League Director Corey Williams (UA '96) says there's no practices or non-game instruction involved with the teams who compete in the kids program.

The goal is for youngsters to come out, put on a uniform and have fun.

TSPL Player Personnel chief Carl Graham came up with the idea to allow the kids access to the weekly league.

He hopes to use the program as a tool to develop players for future years as well as gives kids constructive competition during the summer months.

The Tucson Summer Pro League once again this season features several members of the Arizona Wildcats Men's Basketball team.

Guard Gabe York is playing with the Asarco squad while transfer forward Matt Korcheck suits up for Pizza Hut.

Games run Friday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons at St. Gregory Prep through July 28th.

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