Reid Park Zoo welcomes two grizzly cubs

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Reid Park Zoo is now the new home to two grizzly bears. The bears were rescued from Montana and this is the first time rescued animals have been brought to the zoo.

The two cubs are adjusting to their new home after a 1400 mile move. The Reid Park Zoo rescued the grizzlies Thursday from an area near Yellowstone National Park in Montana after their mother was put down.

"It's more of a rare thing, unfortunately we're not a wildlife sanctuary or we don't rehabilitate animals," said zoo spokesman, Jed Dodds.

It's so rare, this is a first for the zoo. They say the mother was a danger and bad example for her cubs. She raided chicken coops, broke into buildings for food and dug through garbage and food that wasn't properly stored.

"Those behaviors they saw in the wild with the human animal conflict, we wont have to worry in our zoo," said Dodds.

Meanwhile, construction is underway at the zoo for its new habitat. So far, they've combined two exhibits by knocking down a portion of the wall to put in a waterfall. Also, they've added steps and shelves so the bears can get up close for people to see.

Zookeepers are hoping the story behind why these bears were rescued will resonate with families.

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