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Tucson makes two more 'top ten' cycling lists

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The cycling honors for Tucson are growing. 

The city was named to a pair of new top ten lists for bicycling cities, Travel Channel called it the sixth best cycling city, calling it the ‘sleeper' of the list. 

The other list comes from Walkscore.com; it calls Tucson the eighth most bikeable city, considering roadways, hills, destinations and the number of commuters.

These lists join several others in honoring Tucson over the past few years.  The city has gold medal status as a bike friendly community.

Tucson News Now spoke with Visit Tucson, about these new titles; officials said the new lists reinforce the reputation of Tucson as an ‘outdoorsy' city.  People travel here and know they can get on bike paths, hiking trails or up in the mountains.   Organizers with El Tour de Tucson are saying the same thing; they say that being on these lists attracts more cyclists for El Tour de Tucson, or any other time of the year.  El Tour organizers have also said a big part of receiving the honors is all the improvements made to roadways over the past few years, and due in part as well to all the people who ride in the city year round.

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