Local woman scams 92-year-old man out of millions

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Tucson woman accused of taking millions of dollars from an elderly victimappeared in front of a judge for the first time tonight.

Donna Iman, 45, is charged with felony theft and fraudulent schemes. Police sayher victim is a 92-year-old man who believed Iman was in love with him.

Police say Iman met her 92-year old victim at St. Pius Church off Tanque Verde.

He was a dedicatedparisioner. In fact it was his friends at church who encouraged him to callthe police.

"A caselike this is particularly heinous. She met the victim at church."

Police say Iman convinced the victim she was in love with him and thatthey were "spiritually married."

"In thiscase, it's very clear she preyed on his vulnerabilities," said Tucson Police Department Sergeant Maria Hawke. "Especially emotionalvulnerability."

A spokesmanfor the unidentified victim says he is a retired military colonel, highlydecorated widower, who, despite his millions, lived a very simple and frugallife.

"Verymodestly. His wife died in 1999. He was living in a trailer," said Bob Murray.

"Somecould argue he willingly gave her money and at least initially believed he washelping a friend," Hawke said. "Somebody he liked and who loved him."

"Do youthink she was really in love with him? Hah hah, not at all, not at all," Murray said. "She wasafter his money."

Police say over two years, Iman convinced the victim to giveher more than $3 million.

First she needed a newcar. Then it was a long listof medical problems.

Police say he starteddepositing $4,000 every month into her bank account, and this wenton for the last two years.

In addition to that,he wrote her several checks on the side.

"She cameup with stories that she needed a new pancreas," Murray said. "Pancreatic implants. She hadtumors, serious types of cancer. Just a series of maladies."

Police say Iman usedthat money to buy land worth $375,000 where she was building a million dollarhouse.

Police say she also bought cars for her familyand got plastic surgery.

Documents filed in court indicate she said she would pay him back with moneyshe was getting after filing a lawsuit against Home Depot where something fellon her head.

He did not know she had already received that money.

Inaddition to criminal charges, a civil lawsuit has alsobeen filed against Iman tonight.

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