Phoenix Zoo's bear cub ready to make public debut

Andean Bear (Source:
Andean Bear (Source:

PHOENIX (AP) - The Phoenix Zoo's 6-month-old Andean bear cub is ready to make his formal public debut.

Tuesday is the official coming out party for Luka, although he's been exploring his outdoor habitat for the past week or so.

He likes to climb, which is a trait common for Andean bears that live among the trees in the Andes mountains of South America.

The Phoenix Zoo's bear habitat has been closed since January, when Luka's mother Rio gave birth to him.

Luka and Rio stayed indoors for months as keepers waited for signals from the mother that she was ready for her cub to move outside.

At a little older than six months now, Luka weighs about 25 pounds.

If he's a typical male Andean bear, he will top out around 250 pounds.

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