Halfway point of '100 deadliest days' for teen drivers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Right now is the halfway point of what many refer to as the '100 deadliest days on the road' for teen drivers.

Whether on the freeway going 65, or on the streets surrounded by cars on all sides, safety officials say distracted driving leads to many near misses and accidents.  These are called the 100 deadliest days, between Memorial Day and Labor day.

School is out, more teens and young adults are driving, the odds of an accident are higher.  According to the Pima County Sheriff's Department, so far this year, there have been eight deadly accidents with drivers 26 and under.  That is just on county roads as well, Tucson Police do not have numbers to report.

AAA also recently conducted a new study that listed three categories of what causes most distractions, and the most dangers on the road.

Category 1 – listening to the radio

Category 2 – talking on a cell phone

Category 3 – (most distracting) texting

Texting of course requires looking down at the phone, thinking about a response, typing that response.  There is a physical distraction with the phone, and a cognitive distraction in crafting the reply.

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