Investigation continues into deadly traffic crash

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - For the first time, we are hearing from the parents of the boy killed after he was hit by a cruiser driven by a Pima County sheriff's deputy.

10-year-old Xavier Sanchez died Monday.

Tucson police say the boy ran across Campbell, south of Irvington.

On Wednesday TPD still was investigating exactly what happened.

A TPD spokesman says the preliminary finding is that Deputy Jesus Verduzco did not violate any traffic laws.

He says, however, that investigators still have to do the accident reconstruction and lab reports.

He says Verduzco swerved to try to avoid hitting the child.

Investigators say the five-year veteran of the force was not speeding and was not impaired.

Tucson police released records Wednesday showing Verduzco had no major infractions during his time with the sheriff's department.

Meanwhile, the child's family is holding fundraisers to raise money for burial expenses.

We caught up with Xavier's mother and father at one of events.

Xavier lived with his father and two siblings.

His family says the fifth-grader was happy and intelligent and loving.

His mother says he could be a handful because he loved adventure.

"He had this heart of gold. He couldn't see someone hurt because he would be there. He was a good friend. An awesome son," says Xavier's mom, Ivette Sanchez.

She says she is trying to stay strong for her other children.

She says she does not hold the deputy responsible.

"I hope he learns how to forgive himself. I heard somewhere that he was feeling really bad about it. It was an accident. I see it as an accident. He's not to blame. My son's not to blame," Ivette Sanchez says.

She says, though, she would like to speak with Deputy Verduzco some day.

It's because she did not make it to the hospital in time.

"I don't know what happened. I don't know if he (Xavier) was unconscious. If he wasn't, what happened at that moment. I don't know if he said anything at that moment, he said something, whispered something. And if he did, what it was and maybe he's (Verduzco is) the one that knows," Ivette Sanchez says.

Through tears, Xavier's father, Jimmy Sanchez says about his son, "He was always there looking for me. It was so close.  Touched me. I could not make one move without him being there. I miss my son so much."

The family says they have not yet begun to make funeral arrangements.

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