Woman reportedly abused by caregivers returns to elderly home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The two suspects are booked at the Pima County Jail, facing several charges of vulnerable adult abuse and investigators believe it may have been going on for a few weeks.

Both suspects were care givers at the Asterian Acres elderly home.

The first suspect is 29-year-old Annuhar Ruiz. The second suspect is 67-year-old Elisa Moreno.

Investigators say the caseworkers allegedly hit the 93-year-old victim with their fists, and other objects like remote controls.  Deputies also say they are accused of throwing the woman onto her bed and wheelchair.

A representative for Asterion Acres says they are devasted by what happened. They tell me the two employees were fired immediately. They say they are taking the investigation seriously.

"I know that they have done some interviews with all the residents here," said Asterion Acres representative Richard Yubeta. "From what I was told, they don't see any other problems. The resident in question, the one that was a victim, the family has asked that she been returned here and she is here currently."

The spokesperson tells me the victim was only taken to the hospital for observation.

As for why the employees were hired, Yubeta says they do have extensive back ground checks and says this is not a representation of their other caregivers.

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