SunVan driver 3 times legal limit

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - We've posted the entire police report in a pdf file so you can read it and make up your own mind about culpability but it seems there are many questionable actions.

We've talked to the mother of one of the three special needs adults on the bus and she says "I'm very very angry. I want the driver charged with endangerment."

It's likely there are no charges of endangerment right now because the special needs people were adults, not children.

The mother says besides being confined to a wheelchair, her daughter can't speak so she would not have been able to do anything had she smelled alcohol on the driver, Michael Ross's breath.

She may not have known what to do if she had.

The mother also says her daughter was not strapped in properly and could have rolled in the van.

Some of the officials at Easter Seals objected to our use of video on Monday which showed their logo in the background because those same officials said it had nothing to do with Easter Seals.

The report seems to indicate otherwise.

I, as a reporter, went to the Easter Seals offices on East Broadway on Tuesday to reshoot the video we needed. We shot it without their logo or name being visible and we used that in our Tuesday story.

I went to their offices to explain why we were there and they once again said they had nothing to do with the situation which happened in their parking lot the night before.

SunVan talked to us on camera earlier in the week to explain their hiring procedures. Just before we did the interview, we found out the name of the driver, 48 year old Michael Ross.

We did not talk about him during the interview because there wasn't much known by either side.

SunVan officials also said they would have a statement once they digested the police report. We're still waiting on that.

There are several arrest records for Michael John Ross which are not posted but can be found in court records. His birth date is listed as 11/1964. He was found not guilty in two cases.

There are still many unanswered questions in this case and we will continue to pursue them until we get satisfactory answers.

One of those question should go to Michael Ross although his contact information has not been provided to us as yet.

There are questions we want to ask Easter Seals officials and their employees but have not asked them to comment on the police report as yet.

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