Red light cameras staying put, petition rejected

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - River and Oracle is home to the most profitable red light cameras in Tucson.

In all, the city has about eight of them and it looks like they will be here to stay awhile.

Today, the Pima County Recorders Office disqualified the petition to stop the cameras.

Former state lawmaker John Kromko needed 12,730 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot and he turned in more than 22,000.

But the random survey showed that only 55 percent of the sampled signatures were valid. That would leave his effort about a thousand signatures short.

To give you a little background, the first camera was installed in 2007 and reports show that the crashes at the intersections with the cameras have decreased from 200 per year to 74 in 2012.

City leaders say they also provide about $680,000 a year in revenue to the city.

But petition gatherers say the red light cameras are a scam, confusing and a violation of privacy.
Kromko says he's shocked by the number of signatures that were rejected, but says the fight is not over.

"In about a month the city council has to renew their contract for these lights," Kromko said. "They might be persuaded to not do it if a lot of people call them."

If the random sample is proven to true, it could be another two years until a petition like this will make red light cameras illegal.

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