Noise concern for new race track

It's hoped that by building a new race track in the middle of nowhere, at the pima county fairgrounds, noise won't be an issue.

But it might be a concern for people who live within three to five miles.

One resident told us, when cars are racing on one of the four tracks at the fairgrounds now, even closing the doors and windows and turning down the air conditioning, it's too loud.

"I'm anti-track," she says, not wanting to go on record or camera.

She and others are part of a crowd of 50 plus who came to an informational meeting on the proposed new track at the fairgrounds.

Most of the people at the meeting are pro-track, some with a financial stake or others who feel it will be good for the Tucson economy.

The county has asked for bids on a new, three mile multi-purpose track at the fairgrounds.

Minimum bid is $15 million. It's hoped a contract can be awarded and groundbreaking  an take place in 18 months.

All of the money would be put up by private developers. No taxpayer money would be used. Pima county would lease 400 acres to the developer.

Racing should commence within three years.

It will be patterned after tracks in places like Monterey, California. Others in Wisconsin and Ohio. Those venues attract NASCAR and Indy style racing events.

The first phase of the construction is hoped to have seating capacity for 10,000. In subsequent years, it's hoped to be increased to 50,000.

Noise abatement will be a big issue.

Bid evaluation points will be awarded to any company which develops a noise abatement strategy.

The new track is being proposed as a tourism generator, which pima county needs.

Racing here, as opposed to most parts of the country, can be held year round.

There will be a public hearing on the proposed track August 6 in the county supervisors chambers,