City of Tucson getting more solar power

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The City of Tucson will be getting more power from the sun. The city and Tucson Electric Power have an agreement to use solar power to run city owned buildings.

The agreement will allow the City of Tucson to use a solar farm in Avra Valley. The city will purchase solar power at a premium of 1 cent per kilowatt hour. The rate will be locked in for a 20 years.

There's no cost to the taxpayers, because the solar farm is already built. Basically the city is leasing the power from the farm.

The city hall building in downtown Tucson is one the buildings that will get power from the sun. It cost about $220 thousand to run city hall a year. The solar power will help run about 50% of the building.

The agreement is going to save the city between $800 thousand and more than $2 million.

Other buildings that will use the power include, all of the ward offices accept ward 4 which already has solar panels.

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