Noise could be issue for new race track

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Noise is likely to be an issue which will need to be addressed in the proposal for a new racetrack at the Pima County Fairgrounds.

The proposal is for a three mile track with straightaways and curves winding it's way through 400 acres of now vacant land.

It will complement the four tracks already at the fairgrounds but will be like nothing that's there now.

"We want to do something bigger," says Tom Moulton, of Pima County Attractions. "Something a little more spectacular."

It would be patterned after several other tracks of its kind around the country but would be new to the Southwest.

It would be an FIA Grade 2 track which can host NASCAR, Indy type cars, motorcycles and sports car races.

It was hoped by building it in the middle of nowhere, noise may not be an issue.

Still, in the bidding process, prospective builders are told sound abatement practices are worth extra points.

"I close the windows and doors and turn down the air conditioner and it's still too loud," one nearby resident said. "I'm anti-track."

Even though she lives "several miles away" the noise can be "very loud."

She made the comments but did not want to be identified or go on camera for the time being.

She was attending, along with 50 or so other people, an informational meeting hosted by Pima County at the fairgrounds.

The meeting was attended mostly by supporters but there were a number of anti-track people in the crowd.

The goal of the meeting it to let anyone who is concerned know more about the plans.

The meeting was recorded and will be transcribed.

It leads up to a public hearing on the track at the Board of Supervisors meeting room on August 6th.

The minimum bid is $15 million.

A copy of the bid packet is available on the Pima County web site.

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